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Congratulations. You have found the Web's premier resource for all things related to Youth Soccer!

We provide the who, what, when, where, why and how of:
  • A parent finding an organization for a son or daughter
  • Youth soccer drills and tips for a new coach or one who would like to further develop skills
  • Resources for scheduling:
    • players into the game
    • teams over the season
    • teams participating in a tournament (including seeding, etc.)
  • Access to information on the rules (laws) of the game for referees, coaches and league administrators
  • Tools for starting up a youth soccer organization in your area
  • Resources for locating equipment, both for the league and for the individual participant
  • Registering your league information so that your league can be found by parents looking for a local league

Additionally, there are opportunities to post to blogs related to the topic of Youth Soccer in general or to particular aspects of your league or team. As interest continues developing, we plan to support posting of schedules, results, standings, team photos, etc. The sky's the limit! If you have other great ideas, please send in your comments or post to a blog or forum.

We sincerely hope that you find this site a valuable aid in bettering the state of Youth Soccer.



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